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Steve DeArmond

Combatives / Krav Maga Coach

Krav Maga classes started my journey into the combatives and practical self-defense world. It wasn’t until training with Kelly McCann (Kembativz) that I truly understood what combatives were, and really developed as a student and coach.

Maiston Hattery

MMA / Kickboxing & Kids Coach

Maiston is a skilled practitioner, competitor and coach. He has been training for more than 17 years in various martial arts including Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate, TKD and Kenpo. His experience and passion makes him an awesome coach.

Brenden Richardson

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Brenden is a talented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He is not only a knowledgable coach, but an experienced competitor with numerous wins under his belt. His experience extends beyond just BJJ, but also includes coaching wrestling as well.

Kimberly DeArmond

Asst. Teen Combatives Coach

Kimmy (AKA Kimbo Slice) has been training Krav Maga for more than 5 years and with Faction Combatives for more than 3. She is not only a skilled practitioner, but also a knowledgable coach for our Teen Combatives / Krav Maga classes.

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MMA, BJJ & Self Defense Classes in Mesa & Gilbert

What to Expect
in Class

You will be welcomed into a family like atmosphere. Egos are checked at the door. Every class is fun, engaging, and different. You will start off with a warmup, followed by practicing simple strikes that lead into the focused techniques for the day. Lastly, we finish up with a burnout that tests what you have learned that day and pushes you to new limits. Everyone goes at their own pace, but we do push you to give it your all!

About FACTION Combatives
& Combat Sports

We at FACTION Combatives & Combat Sports believe in providing top tier training and personalized attention. Our goal with every student is to guide them on their journey to be the best that they can be. Whatever your goal for training is, we want to help you accomplish those goals. In our gym you are not just a number or a face, we know your name. You matter to us and we take great pride in being accessible to our students in the gym or out.


The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are able to cater to a variety of strength and skill levels. In just a few months I have went from knowing nothing to having a wide array of self defense techniques that are easy to implement in a moments' notice.Stacey C.
I've been through several styles before and never felt I would ever use what I'd learned in a real fight. This is real life defense moves that I could apply on the street at any time. They're also bringing in Jiujitsu and Mui Thai. Steve is the instructor and he's equally skilled as he is an effective teacher. He teaches kids classes that I'd like to get my kids involved in. It's a great workout and it's effective training.Mike H.
Both of my boys attend the teen classes at Faction and have been for about six months. They love it!! The owners Steven and Kim are amazing! They work with the kids on all types of self defense and talk with them a lot about when to fight, times to walk away, difference between a kid your size and an adult and what to do based on those factors. My boys told me they NEVER want to stop going!Meghann M.
If you want to neutralize an attacker in 5 SECONDS or less on the street, in your home, or in an elevator regardless if they have weapons or not, this is the school you want to train at. Steve is an outstanding instructor that will teach you combatives that will work in real life situations. This training will give you the confidence and skills to defend yourself or your family from any kind of threats. Come and train with us and see for yourself!Clem P.
This place is the real deal. Steve, the owner, teaches real world effective self defense. We are learning how to neutralize threats from people who have guns, knives and hand to hand combat. Very pleased with the training, as well as the flexible schedule.Josh K.
This place is awesome! My son was hooked after just one class. The instruction is easy to follow and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. The technique is incredibly effective, and I feel better knowing that my son is learning how to protect himself. This place is the real deal!Rebecca
Steve is hands-down the best martial arts instructor that I've come across, and I have experience with a few prior. I say that not only due to his knowledge, which seems extensive, but due to his approach, attitude and demeanor. He's approachable, he listens, he's pragmatic, and he's empathetic. After a 12-year hiatus from martial arts, Steve's approach has been a breath of fresh air for me, and he provides all students with a self-tailored approach to how they want to learn and apply what they have learned.Patrick K.
This is an excellent studio for both new and experienced self defenders. I checked out multiple places before deciding to join this one and I haven't been disappointed. The instructor and other students are all really supportive and great to train with. My kids have now both joined as well and they absolutely love the Teens class.Kory R.
I’m really happy here. I’ve learned so much and I feel safer. Steve is a great instructor, super knowledgeable, detailed and patient. Classmates are really helpful too. It’s a laid back environment and Steve breaks all the moves down so it’s easy to understand. It’s fun to see how much kids love his class too! I’ve had an awesome experience and I definitely recommend this gym!Erin R.
Steve is awesome! Our son was needing a place to workout and learn some self-defense. I contacted many other gyms but Steve provided a free week of working out. Three months later and our son loves it. Steve provides a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for all! Our son has gained more self-confidence and loves to go to class!Yvette T.
I am currently a member here. Steve is not only humble and a great instructor, he is absolutely amazing with kids. I looked at a bunch of different studios before speaking to Steve on the phone after he called me in reference to email i sent in. Ive been there for over a month, and i really feel more confident, I am losing weight, and making new friends. Not to mention all the great techniques myself, and my daughter are learning each class. Sign up, and come say hi to us!Jon H.
I went in for my first class, and if I'm being honest; I was super nervous. I had had bad experiences at other martial arts gyms before and I had pretty low expectations. I ended up having a really fun, educating time and am definitely going back!Ayden A.
The folks here, both staff and students, don’t have big ego’s-it's all about having a good time and learning to embrace your inner ninja. Everyone is encouraging, friendly and genuinely interested in helping each-other progress in their training. The instructors Steve, Brenden and Maiston are all highly skilled, incredibly knowledgeable yet very humble fellas.Mandy C.
Great workout! Wonderful place! Exceptional instructors!!! I reccomend this place to everyone!!Katy Y.
I really enjoy my classes here, Maiston is an awesome coach! I've only been to a handful of classes. But, I look forward to being a regular here and learning!Nikolaus C.

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